• Skilled 603 - Rockwell Automation Inside


    Euroimpianti S.p.A. together with the U.S. C&D Skilled Robotics and C&B System (Italy) is a group of manufacturing companies which supply world-wide robotic systems for the end-of-line automation.

  • C&B System joined Group


    Since the beginning of 2015, Skilled group also is integrating with C&B System.
    C&B System from Cavriago (Italy) was established in 1967 and manufactures equipment for the automation and internal handling of products and pallets such as:
    • Sorting, deviation, compacting, tilting and rotation systems

  • Frozen Food in “Skilled Land”


    12 palletizing cells with robot Skilled 504 and 15 LGV Skilled 800 for the end-of-line automation of one of the most important USA producers of frozen food

  • Lgv skilled interpack Skilled Robots events

    Lgv Skilled “arriving... dressed for the event”


    With our latest technical generation combined with a completely new and endearing design.

    New user friendly HMI

    8 different standard models

    Wireless joystick